It is about encouraging on a huge scale people to cover their face to reduce the risk of propagation of the virus.

Why do we have to wear a mask in the public transportation, at work, in grocery stores ?

During peak times in crowded buses and trains, at work where physical exchanges are needed, or in shops, it is most likely impossible to keep a 1m distance from others.

The “After-Lockdown” will bring a bigger proximity with others. The projection mask is, in an immediate way, the only possible barrier gesture.

The surgical mask protects from the contaminated air that a infected person breath out while talking, coughing, or sneezing.


It is the goal of the protection mask Vigivirus from l’Effet Domino: if everyone wears a mask, everyone can be protected from these projections.

“With the Covid-19, we can be contaminant un or two days before the development of symptoms. We may only know afterwards that we have been contaminated. Even if, with an epidemiologist point of view, the scientific records does not enable us to be sure about it, it could be important that everyone wears a mask.” Says Isabelle Bonmarin, the responsible of the Infection and environmental risks prevention unit at “Santé Publique France”.

Is one mask enough?

The hand washing and the barrier gestures are essential and protect more broadly thank masks, which must be used only in close contact, it is essential to keep the habits of social distancing.

The mask enables to reduce the risks due to the end of the lockdown in the case of closer contacts.

To make sure that the barrier provided by the mask is efficient, you have to follow this rules:


·       To wash your hand to put your mask on and to wear in a good way.

·       The mask should be pinched at the nose, cover up to under the chin, and do not allow air to pass through, which in principle does not allow men to keep a long beard. Unless you have a drastic facial hygiene.



You do not have to touch the mask when it is in place, it would lead to a potential contamination.

If you do it, wash your hands

How effective is to where a mask ?

April 3rd, the magazine Nature published a survey about the efficiency of protection face mask in a attenuation of “human seasonal coronavirus, flue virus and rhino virus” strategy.

The author have shown that the blow of a mask wearer does not have any genetic traces of a former coronavirus whereas the non mask wearer who were at least 3 to 4 out of 10 to have some. 


The protection mask  from l’Effet Domino has been made to bring a protection as high as possible for a Category 1 mask. It is more efficient than the average of most surgical mask.


The protective mask VIGIVIRUS L’Effet Domino is a high performance mask, controlled and validated by the DGA, ( Army General Direction ) which follows the manufacturing norm  AFNOR SPEC S76-001.

If this mask is worn by an infected person, that person will not contaminate its environment, even if the people around are not wearing masks.

So, it is particularly safe.

It is a technical mask which is composed by 6 layers :

2 layers in a comfort textile and 4 in a filter material from Subrenat made in Polypropylene, really resistant and with a exceptional breathability.

The breathability from its filter is 3 times superior to the one required by the norm, so it can be worn comfortably regardless of the activity.

It is also really light (<20 grams) which makes it comfortable to wear on long time periods.

It is really efficient in filtration : 99.3% of 1µ fine particles  are filtered.  The mask VIGIFIRUS is more efficient in filtrating than current medical masks. (95%< of filtered particles but only the 3µ ones).