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The protective mask VIGIVIRUS L’Effet Domino is a high performance mask, controlled and validated by the DGA, ( Army General Direction ) which follows the manufacturing norm AFNOR SPEC S76-001.

If this mask is worn by an infected person, that person will not contaminate its environment, even if the people around are not wearing masks.
So, it is particularly safe.

It is a technical mask which is composed by 6 layers :
2 layers in a comfort textile and 4 in a filter material from Subrenat made in Polypropylene, really resistant and with a exceptional breathability.The breathability from its filter is 3 times superior to the one required by the norm, so it can be worn comfortably regardless of the activity.

It is also really light (<20 grams) which makes it comfortable to wear on long time periods.
It is really efficient in filtration : 99.3% of 1µ fine particles are filtered.
The mask VIGIFIRUS is more efficient in filtrating than current medical masks. (95%< of filtered particles but only the 3µ ones).

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